I will apologize up front that this is a long post.

When I actually have something to say it can end up being a lot.

First I would like to say a big thank you to Josh Paxton for choosing to hold a men’s game night life group at his home at the beginning of the year. It’s amazing the blessing that I have received from something I didn’t even attend. But my husband did and there he met another friend of Josh’s.

Before I can really get to the main point here I have to give a little back info. I have spent almost four years and as many doctors trying to find someone who would/could help me. I had stopped birth control pills June 2010 and from that time on I continued to steadily gain weight and it didn’t really seem to matter if I changed my diet or went to the gym I just continued to gain.

I might be able to lose a couple of pounds but it would just bounce right back. I also never regained a normal cycle and while not at first but little by little I just started feeling more like crap, I didn’t have any energy, I didn’t want to go do anything. (Not saying I didn’t do anything it just took a lot of effort to make myself and a lot more effort than I ever said anything about) And to top it off I was having way more breakouts than I ever thought about having in High School.

At the beginning of April I went to see Dr. Mitchell (the man my husband had met at the life group) and while maybe I should have left that appointment upset by my lab results I was thrilled to have an answer and to know it wasn’t all in my head.

That day I was diagnosed with PCOS-poly cystic ovarian syndrome. This is an endocrine disorder that had caused me to have some messed up hormones. And although I had been to an endocrinologist he had never even mentioned this as a possibility to me. Dr. Mitchell took the time to go over all my labs and to explain to me what exactly it was from those labs that indicated to him that this was PCOS.

I had never had a doctor spend that much time going over anything! There was a comprehensive plan to address the whole of the problem not just one symptom. Part of the plan was treating the PCOS by addressing the driving factor of insulin resistance, my progesterone that was almost non-existent, and my thyroid which apparently thought that it was 70 yrs old. The other part was addressing weight loss which would help with controlling the PCOS (the weight gain was linked to the effects of the PCOS).

9 weeks later-I feel so much better overall. I have more energy, my skin is great, and I have lost 29.4lbs!

I am actually ahead of what would be the goal range of loss for this time frame. I think this is a combination of my body finally having the hormones it needs and from my end I have cut out a lot of junk from my diet and am basically just trying to follow clean eating principles.

If you are looking for help with losing weight or like me feel that you haven’t gotten answers to the real problem then maybe consider checking out Dr. Mitchell at Millennium Medical & Weight Loss Center bc I really can’t say thank you enough for the help that I have found there!

PS the pants in the 2nd pic I haven't been able to wear since early 2010!
— at Millennium Medical & Weight Loss Center.

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