There's no denying that when you're in your 40's your body is going to change. You've spent years advancing your career, chasing the kids, working on your marriage, and just trying to keep up with it all. You may notice the prescription bottles adding up in your medicine cabinet to treat more and more conditions like hypertension, sleep apnea, diabetes, hormone changes, heart conditions, and more. Over the years, the daily grind has taken its toll and with the extra pounds you have also found yourself with extra medical problems.

By starting a medical weight loss program now, you can avoid or reduce weight related medical conditions. Unlike diets that may have failed you in your 20s, and the long-forgotten gym passes and exercise equipment of your 30s, medical weight loss focuses on your whole body health. Dr. Mitchell will help you reach your weight loss goal safely, effectively, and sustainably.

Together you will create a unique weight loss program founded in nutrition and exercise counseling that may also include prescription weight loss treatments. You will learn about your body's composition, and how you can work with your individual medical history and goals to take control of your weight for good. As you get thinner, you'll often be able to thin out the contents of your medicine cabinet, and improve or eliminate the weight related conditions that are holding you back.

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