While you are distracted with work and marriage and raising the kids weight gain can creep up on you. By the time you get the kids off to college or start thinking about retirement, you might already be used to those extra pounds. You might even think gaining weight is a natural part of aging. But as our bodies age, they slow down, and what was “just extra weight” can suddenly become a bigger medical problem.

Not only can being overweight lead to other conditions like hypertension, sleep apnea, diabetes, hormone changes, heart conditions, and more, it can also be harder to lose weight if you are experiencing conditions like hormone imbalance. That’s why it’s so important to take control of your weight through a medical weight loss program that addresses not only your weight, but also how it affects your overall health. You’ll not only lose weight, but will gain a better understanding of the changes your body is going through. You could even reduce the number of medications you take.

Medical weight loss is not like the fad diets that can disrupt even younger metabolisms or strenuous exercise routines that can be hard on stiff joints and muscles. Instead, medical weight loss is about making manageable, sustainable changes through nutrition and exercise counseling. Dr. Mitchell may also recommend a safe, effective prescription therapy to jump start your weight loss and help you reach your goals. This is your time to enjoy life, so why let your weight hold you back? It’s never too late to look good and feel great. With medical weight loss, you can look and feel years younger, and approach the world with totally transformed confidence and well-being.

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