Settling into more permanent routines is part of life after college, marriage and kids. Time isn’t as free as it used to be, between work, kids’ extracurricular activities, homework, getting dinner on the table, friends, your spouse, cleaning up the house, and taking a little time for yourself. When there aren’t enough hours in the day, trying to fit in a workout doesn’t always happen, and eating on the go becomes the norm. It’s even tougher when suddenly your metabolism isn’t quite the same as it was in your teens and twenties. Right when the rest of your life is one giant race to keep up, your metabolism slows down. Between natural changes and a full life, extra pounds can creep up on you, decreasing your confidence, energy, and health. Fortunately, this is where medical weight loss can make a major difference in your life.

Millennium Medical Weight Loss works with you to understand your unique body composition and your individual goals to custom tailor a weight loss program just for you. That means your medical history, lifestyle, and timetable will all be factored in as you work with Dr. Mitchell. Together, you will create a combination of nutritional and fitness counseling and prescription or herbal weight loss drugs that will put you back in control. You’ll have both the tools and the support you need to succeed in losing weight and keeping it off. You’ll understand your body like never before, and learn how to make lasting, sustainable changes even in the midst of your busy life. You’ll improve your health and longevity, and gain more energy to keep up with kids, career advancement, marriage, and all the adventures that life offers!

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