Millennium Medical and Weight Loss Center New Mom Weight Loss Plan

Each and every pregnancy is different, just as every woman is different. Some women gain more weight than others. Some women are blessed to go back down to their “pre-baby” weight while others struggle. New moms sometimes need that extra bit of help to get their weight back under control. Fortunately, there are a variety of options for moms to improve their health, well-being, and confidence. Millennium Medical Weight Loss emphasizes exercise and nutritional counseling as the foundation of all weight loss programs. One of the benefits of medical weight loss is that you will be working with a physician who takes your whole health into account and will tailor your program to your unique health history.

Whether you delivered vaginally or through C-Section, whether your are breast feeding or formula feeding, whatever your weight was before and after pregnancy, and no matter what conditions you may have experienced during pregnancy, we can help you find a way to better understand your new post-pregnancy body and take control. In addition to nutrition and exercise counseling, mothers who are not breast feeding may be able to incorporate prescription weight loss treatments into their program.

It is important for new moms to get back to their pre-pregnancy weight not only to improve their overall health, but also to improve their sense of personal well being and to help avoid post partum depression. Medical weight loss is a way for you to achieve post-pregnancy weight loss while still being mindful of both you and your baby’s health.

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