Medical weight loss is rooted in two things: scientific research and a personalized analysis of your own unique body. Unlike one size fits all diets based on junk theories or unsustainable trends, medical weight loss won’t leave your weight bouncing back and forth like a yo-yo. Medical weight loss is overseen by a physician who takes your comprehensive health into account, rather than focusing on just exercise or just carbs or just calorie reduction. The goal is not only to help you lose weight, but to improve your overall health. If we can reduce or eliminate any conditions caused by excess weight, and help you live a longer, healthier, more confident life, then we have succeeded in our mission.

How It Works: The Process

Each of Millennium’s medical weight loss plans emphasizes nutrition and fitness counseling as the primary means for losing weight. You’ll get regular advice and support to help you make sustainable lifestyle changes so that you can lose weight & keep it off. In addition to nutrition and fitness counseling, medical weight loss may include prescription treatments such as FDA-approved diet pills, LIPO B and B12 shots or HCG and Hormone therapy, depending on your medical history and goals. Weekly monitoring helps you work with your physician to lose weight safely, effectively, and for the long-term. Our InBody body composition analysis shows what percentage of your weight is burnable fat and how much comes from your muscles, bones, tissue, and water weight. Medical weight loss works because it is based on your medical history, gives you the information you need for lasting success, and puts you in control.

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