When we work long hours, have children, or suffer from hormonal imbalances, we put on weight…

Finally! You Will Shed Pounds and Remove Fat As You Receive Professional Clinically Managed Weight-loss Care from One of the Top Clinics Near Delano, Tennessee

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Millennium Medical Best of Chattanooga 5 Years Running

Tennessee Residents, Dealing with Your Weight and Health Goals is Simpler and Effective Through the Direction of Dr. Scott C. Mitchell, M.D. and the Staff from Millennium Medical and Weight Loss.

You’ve been tricked with half-truths with regards to handling your weight…

The reason for that is the fact that no “one size fit’s all”. What you are experiencing is not a typical thing. Knowing this, the Millennium Medical and Weight Loss center considers everything with regards to your condition including the way it begins and how it will affect you. “We get to know you as a person, not as a statistic.” is what we will present to you. You can get more info if you will experience it yourself. Find out more details on the average visit to our office.

Absolutely the best weight loss center around!

∼Jackie Goolsby (Review from Facebook)

You guys are so awesome! My beautiful Maygan is doing great thanks to Doctor Scott and your staff. From the bottom off this mom's heart thank you thank you!

∼Marsha Tallent Mason (Review from Facebook)

You get very personalized care and the staff is just great! This is no ‘pill mill'. It's a full service clinic that can also help you lose weight.

∼Sewbuggy (Review from Yellowpages)

I've lost 17.4 pounds in my first month! I am so excited and staying on track with my goal weight. I can't wait to see the end results!
Millenium Medical and Weight Loss Center is the greatest place…..for weight loss AND medical treatment! Dr. Mitchell truly cares about you, as a person and your medical issues. The staff is extremely friendly and also helpful!

Missdonna12 (Review from Yellowpages)

You Don’t Want to Deal This Problem… Taking The Next Step Isn't Established. We Will Help You Cope With It.

What Delano Tennessee Residents Should Anticipate During Their Visit to Our Weight Loss Center

5 Years Award

Your not just a patient to us but also our partner, and we will give you the comfort and relaxation you need.

Since everyone has a unique set of situation that has led to their condition, we execute a number of blood tests, which we examine in order to uncover the conditions contributing to your problem.

We will also be able to understand your current hormone levels which is a significant first step in fixing these levels with medically monitored bio-identical hormone therapy for weight loss. Learn more about Delano 37325 physician supervised bio-identical hormone therapy for weight loss.

Body Composition Measurements that Are Accurate

Precise measurement of body composition will be identified through “computerized body composition analyzation” machine through sending signals to the body using bioelectrical impedance. The following are the critical metrics that we gauge:

  • Your lean body mass
  • Your total body water
  • Your basal metabolic rate

Naming some of it. Click here and have a better understanding about body metrics and also the benefits of undergoing the InBody 230 scanner from G.E. InBody230 scanner from G.E

To find out more about how “exactly” our Doctor monitored weight loss works for Delano residents, visit the link! To Learn How Physician supervised weight loss works for Delano near 37325, visit the link!


Together, We Can Get Past What Causes 90% Of People to Fail…

Effective & Proven Plan

Enjoy rapid but safe progress on our clinically proven supervised weight loss plan.


Receive individualized care as we analyze your precise nutritional deficiencies and conditions.

Goal Setting

Learn to set and reach healthy, realistic, and achievable goals.

Emotional Support

Get fitness counseling or let us help you find peer support for issues related to over eating and motivation.


Learn what has been holding you back, and permanently overcome that issue. We love answering all your questions.


Were affordably priced so that people with a desire can afford to get the help they need without breaking the bank.

Being Overweight Isn't Always Any One's Fault Because of…

  • √ Dangerous FAD DIETS that cause you more harm than good
  • √ Decreased or imbalanced TESTOSTERONE, ESTROGEN, & PROGESTERONE, and other hormones
  • √ Side Effects from MEDICATION
  • √ Misinformation perpetuated by big FAST FOOD and SODA corporations
  • √ STRESS and DIET related to long hours at WORK and constantly being on the go

Weight problems are often a symptom of some other underlying condition- Stop trying to do this alone! We’re tired of seeing people defeated and frustrated because they feel like they’re doing all the right things… yet never seem to get the results they’re looking for.

Take the First Step. Fill Out the Form.

Meet Dr. Scott

Dr. Scott Mitchell MD with Millennium Medical Car in Background

Hey there, I’m Dr. Scott, and yes, I know exactly how you’re feeling. Since 2007, Millennium Medical and Weight Loss has helped 1000’s of people lose weight, fix hormonal imbalances, & feel better both physically and emotionally. I've seen a lot of successful…

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I’ve seen a lot of successful patients in our facility. (continued…)
recently, we helped Chris McDaniel (former member of Confederate Railroad and current music ministry leader) lose 60lbs in just 3 months. We also helped Joney shed 29.4lbs in just 9 weeks by correcting her progesterone levels, thyroid, and addressing her insulin resistance which was a driving factor to her condition. (We don’t normally share anyone’s information, but these two were so happy with their results, they insisted). Read more about their physician led weight-loss success stories here. Dr. Mitchell 's Short Biographical Information Doctor Scott was a graduate of XXX university, where he was an active member of the mighty blankety blanks hockey team. Being active in sports led him to find a passion in the science of physical fitness. While attending blanket blank university where he obtained his Medical degree, he never forgot his passion for fitness and the importance and effect that having a healthy body has on every other aspect of our lives. This passion would eventually lead him to focus on helping people by starting a practice that allowed him to help people achieve their fitness goals and body image goals. He’s been a practicing weight loss physician for XXX years, and in that time has helped his patients lose 10,000’s of pounds while teaching them how to keep it off and live better healthier live
Joe's Story: Sad Truths About the Perception of Obesity

Joe an overweight worker

Joe was smart and worked harder than most of his peers. Yet time after time he found himself being passed up in life. He noticed it when he was younger. His classmates would take him last for teams, make fun of him, and avoid him in social settings…

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The Sad Truths About the Perceptions of Weight (Based on Actual Story) continued…

As he got older, he suspected that he didn’t get into his number one choice of colleges because of his weight. He of course would never find out for sure, but he never forgot the look of disdain he received as he left the interview having glanced over his shoulder to catch the interviewer’s eyes scanning his frame.

Even as a full grown adult he’d learned by overhearing “water cooler” conversations that he’d been passed up on a promotion that was given to a thinner, less competent coworker. He left work early that day, crushed and demoralized.

It’s been researched that people who are overweight…


  • Suffer from discrimination at work and school, and earn less money due to fewer socioeconomic opportunities then their thinner contemporaries
  • Are more prone to obesity related diseases like -coronary heart disease -hypertension -stroke -type II diabetes -abnormal blood fats -metabolic syndrome -cancer -osteoarthritis -sleep apnea -obesity hyperventilation syndrome -reproductive problems and -gallstone.
  • Have an increased vulnerability to depression, low self-esteem, poor body image, maladaptive eating behavior’s and exercise avoidance

They are maliciously perceived as being lazy, less competent, and lacking in self-discipline, all of which could not be further from the truth.

The Weight of our Patients in TN is Our Main Concern

This may sound strange, but we are excited to see you one day, walking out the door after you complete your last session feeling good and pleased with boosted self-esteem.

So if you're all set to have the ideal body image and 20’s and 30’s energy level, then your next step is this.

1.First, you have to fill out the form and schedule a consultation so we can examine and be able to commence the medical analysis of your body as well as your health background.

2. You can call us by dialing 706-937-2099 right now to set an appointment for your check up and medical examinations through our friendly staff.

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