The medical weight loss process begins with a body composition analysis that shows what percentage of your weight is burnable fat and how much comes from your muscles, bones, tissue, and water weight. Based on this analysis, Dr. Mitchell will develop a custom weight loss plan just for you.

By tracking your body composition, you'll be able to understand all the ways your body changes as you learn new eating habits, develop a regular exercise routine, and jump start your weight loss with any prescription therapies deemed appropriate courses of treatment.

You will get your first body composition analysis at your initial appointment, when Dr. Mitchell will also spend time getting to know you, your medical history, and your weight loss goals. Together you will develop a unique medical weight loss plan based on this consultation.

Each week you will have a weigh in, nutritional and fitness counseling, and Dr. Mitchell will monitor any weight-related conditions you may have, and the dosage of any prescription weight loss treatments you are taking.

Each month you'll get another body composition analysis to track your progress. Dr. Mitchell is involved each step of the way, working with you to ensure safe, fast, and effective weight loss, and giving you all the support you need to succeed.

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